Tips on Using Dish Generator

Dish Generator doesn’t have an AI or fancy science to it; it outputs random combinations. There are fallacies to trusting a robot to combine and pair foods. We haven’t done the programming (yet) for it to intuitively know what goes well. In a lot of ways, that’s why we love it.

Dish Generator doesn’t have any biases and will pump out combinations you would have NEVER thought of, no matter how experienced you are as a cook. We can imagine around 49% of the combinations are not even worth considering a plan for execution. Our hope is that 51% of the dishes it pumps out gives you interesting components to consider in your dish creation. SO: Here’s a good way to go about using it. Go ahead and grab a notepad; We often use Google Docs and Google Sheets for our note taking.

    Pick the fields you want it to render and just scramble it up!
  2. Scope out the ingredients!
    If you see combinations you can work with, note them down. You next scrambles might give you inspiration to finish putting together a dish you’ve started noting.
  3. Use your intuition
    A way to get better at cooking is training your palate by tasting food. Those memories of experiences add up to a catalog to refer to so that as you create dishes, your imagination kicks in to envision what’s possible. It’s also up to a cook to determine what techniques to apply to each ingredient and how they want to season them. We refer to The Flavor Bible as a reference point to learn about ingredients.
  4. Plan and Experiment
    You’ve written down components you like and thought about how you want to cook and season each of them as they go into your final dish. You’ve just gotta go and give it a shot now and try it out!


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